Perched on the penthouse level, the Spa at Hotel Chelsea is a light-filled oasis with a private terrace garden. A refuge from the bustle of the city, the Spa features hydrotherapy amenities including a traditional Swedish sauna, aromatic steam showers, rain showers, soaking tubs and a fireplace lounge. Our six thoughtfully-appointed treatment rooms, including the couple's suite feature soaking tubs or showers for holistic hydrating.


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222 West Twenty-Third Street
New York, NY 10011

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A therapeutic blend of hot stones, Swedish massage strokes, breathwork and scalp stimulation to open circulatory and respiratory pathways, alleviate tension and restore flow state.

Best Suited For: Overall stress and tension, no major injuries or physical pain, “need to just relax”, sleep issues, anxiety, mental and emotional overwork/load.

60 minutes - $205 | 90 minutes - $305


  • Swedish
  • Lomi lomi
  • Diaphragm release
  • Hot stone
  • Scalp stimulation


  • Hot stones
  • Jade scalp stimulator comb
  • Oils of organic Jojoba
  • Siberian fir needle
  • Rosemary and Bergamot
Sana Sana

“Heal, heal, little tail of the frog…” Deep tissue, myofascial release, MET, and pin & stretch techniques ally to speed tissue recovery, enhance mobility and alleviate inflammation and pain.

Best Suited For: particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing moderate to deep tension, chronic pain or discomfort due to high activity levels, repetitive movements, prolonged postures and inflammation.

60 minutes - $205 | 90 minutes - $305


  • Deep tissue
  • Myofascial
  • MET
  • Pin & stretch


  • Theragun percusser
  • Massage cups
  • Diaphragm release
  • Cryosphere massage ball
  • Oils of Organic Jojoba, Eucalyptus, Mint and Copaiba Balsam
The Mend

The ultimate reset button. Uniquely activated and adapted for each guest, sink into a completely custom experience curated by our Master Massage Therapist. By mindfully tuning into your body’s specific needs and with intention guiding each movement, expect a cure-all consisting of a hand-picked oil fusion alongside top techniques like breathwork, stretching, and varying massage styles. 

Best Suited For: “I’m not sure what I need”

60 minutes - $255 | 90 minutes - $355

The Bump

Specifically designed as a pre- or post-natal experience. Unwind with a soothing massage fully tailored to your specific needs in the moment: You deserve it.

Best Suited For: Pre or post-natal care

60 minutes - $205 | 90 minutes - $305



(in partnership with Dr. Barbara Sturm) 
Revitalize your complexion with this glow booster, designed to protect and replenish the skin’s barrier. This customized ritual includes a thorough cleanse, exfoliation, gentle extractions (when needed), and a sculpting massage for face & decollete to awaken and restore natural luminosity. A custom mask and finishing Glow Drops further bind moisture at a molecular level, resulting in visibly dewy and radiant skin.

Best Suited For: All Skin types, pre-party, monthly maintenance, dry or dull skin in need of vitality

60 minutes - $225 | 90 minutes - $315


  • Sculpting massage
  • Manual exfoliation
  • Extractions


  • Steam

  • Hyaluronic serum

  • Glow drops

The Clearing

(in partnership with Dr. Barbara Sturm) 
Improve your skin’s barrier, restore natural balance and control excess
 sebum with a potent ingredient complex formulated for congested or blemish-prone skin. This treatment incorporates a balancing cleanse, enzyme exfoliation, lymphatic massage, clarifying mask and active topicals to smooth and refine skin texture while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Best Suited For: Acne-prone, oily skin, blackheads, aging concerns

60 minutes - $225 | 90 minutes - $315


  • Lymphatic massage
  • Extractions


  • Steam
  • Hyaluronic serum
  • Enzyme exfoliant
Super Seed Sculpt

(in partnership with Votary) 
Nourish and tone your skin with our facial treatment that combines advanced sculpting massage techniques with Votary's exclusive 21 Super Seed range. Experience a firming, contouring, and lifting effect as your facial contours are defined. A unique blend of Super Seeds nourishes your skin, repairing and protecting against dry and dehydrated conditions. Harnessing the natural power of chia seed, parsley, and oats, this ritual revitalizes, hydrates, and safeguards your complexion. Enjoy the benefits of a fragrance-free and microbiome-friendly experience for healthy, radiant skin.

Best Suited for: Dehydrated, hormonal, delicate or sensitive skin

60 minutes - $225 | 90 minutes - $315


  • Sculpting massage
  • Facial reflexology + acupressure
  • Lymphatic drainage + breathwork
  • Extractions optional


  • Steam
  • Exfoliation
  • Gua Sha stones
Sleeping Beauty (Limited Edition)

(in partnership with Votary)
Elevate your evening ritual with our rest-inducing facial experience. A face, scalp, and neck massage are coupled with facial acupressure point therapy, myofascial release, and nervous system-balancing reflexology. A cocooning Rosehip, Camu Camu, and Hyaluronic leave-on mask is crafted to alleviate signs of fatigue, diminish fine lines, and illuminate your skin while you sleep, creating a radiant and refreshed complexion by morning.

Best Suited for: Dehydrated, hormonal, delicate or sensitive skin.

60 minutes - $225 | 90 minutes - $315   


  • Facial reflexology + acupressure
  • Lymphatic drainage + breathwork


  • Gua Sha stones
Magic Hour

Meditation for your skin. A one-of-a-kind, fully personalized facial experience with our Master Esthetician who is aptly known as “Magic Hands.” Expect a transformative treatment to rejuvenate mind and body. Depending on your skin condition, we’ll artfully address a range of concerns utilizing a custom blend of hydration, exfoliation, massage, extractions, and lymphatic stimulation. A total skin reset. 

Tip: Opt for the 90-minute experience for the Magic Hour and a Half. 

Best Suited For: All skin types 

60 minutes - $275 | 90 minutes - $375 

Sacred Signature

(In partnership with Sangre De Fruta)
For supple skin and a sensorial experience. An indulgent facial for the senses with European based practices to cleanse, nourish and enliven the skin; the skin is expertly layered with active botanicals, a custom mask and quenched with herbal elixirs and anointing oils.  

Option to include the transformative Crown Revival, inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition of Shirodhara, this transformative hair and scalp treatment provides a sensory oasis while deeply calming the mind and soothing the nervous system. Decadent herbal infusions caress and fortify the scalp and hair, leaving the scalp soothed and the hair nourished. 

Best Suited For: All skin types 

60 minutes - $225 (no Crown Revival) | 90 minutes - $350 (includes Crown Revival) 

Full Bloom

(In partnership with Muri Lelu)
A multi-sensorial experience designed to activate skin and spirit’s highest potential. Soothe, calm and restore optimal skin health in this luxurious treatment. Facial massage lifts and tones, while a flood of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories rebalance and boost natural glow and ends with our signature cannabis breathwork ritual.

Best Suited For: All skin types, especially suitable for stressed or acne-prone skin (not suitable for those pregnant or breastfeeding)

45 minutes - $175


Healing Arts

Visionary Therapy

Our Master Healer performs custom energy work resulting in the penultimate, emotional release. Expect a multisensorial combination of polarity and cranial-sacral therapies aimed at opening pathways and energy flow throughout the body. Intuitive touch empowers the individual to navigate through energetic and physical blockages while facilitating insight and transformation. Individuals may experience a heightened awareness of their body and a release of tension or emotion.  

Following the treatment, balance and flow while submerged in a deep soak of healing waters steeped in tradition, herbs and minerals.

60 minutes - $325
90 minutes (includes herbal soak) - $425
120 minutes (includes herbal soak) - $525

Craniosacral Therapy

A deeply profound treatment and approach to healing, inviting the body to lead and the nervous system to guide and regulate. Light pressure is applied along the body to release blockages and ignite the flow of receiving and releasing information.

60 minutes - $225 | 90 minutes - $325


The art of unwinding the origins that create stress, both physical and emotional. A flow of a subtle high frequency energy stimulates balance and reconnects mind and body through gentle pressure, intention and movement.

60 minutes - $225


An ancient healing modality that supports the flow of healthy energy by using gentle movements and good intention. Reiki, the life force of energy, can assist with anxiety and pain management which can naturally improve sleep and overall well being.

60 minutes - $225 


Couples Massage: The Bond

Co-luxuriate in deep relief within the elusive Couples Suite. Treated by two expert therapists, this treatment is designed to be savored together. Our bespoke foot soak grounds you, setting the stage for both guests to be fully present before sinking into luscious massage. Techniques and touch are fine-tuned completely based on individual needs. 

Best Suited For: Honeymoon phase

60 minutes - $375pp | 90 minutes  - $375pp

Couples Experience: Elements of Connection

Envelope yourselves in our ethereal Couples Suite. We start with an intimate, rose-infused soak, accompanied by our Love Conquers All elixir in our custom-made marble tub. Then, indulge in tandem massage that begins with intentional dry brushing and carefully choreographed touch. A truly curated experience, we use your choice of our in-house, botanical body cream, and pressure is always applied to each person’s preference.

Best Suited For: “I love you” and/or “I’m sorry”

75 minutes - $350pp (15 min soak, 60min massage)
105 minutes - $450pp (15 min soak, 90 min massage)